Get away from the real world…

Mind Games

Hey people people!

On this page you’ll have stuff like optical illusions,mind games, magic tricks, and stuff like that.

I like stuff like this so I just decided to put it on my blog.


Optical Illusions

Warning: This may make you dizzy or make your head hurt!


Is it a face or lines?


Is it moving?

 Are they expanding?


Try to focus on the other words.


Are the dots moving?


Are the lines crooked?

Do you see all 7 faces?

Where’s the black dot?

This one makes me dizzy. Hahaha :mrgreen:

This one is conflustering…

Is she spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Which orange circle is larger?

Are they moving?

How many legs does the elephant have?

Is this a spiral? Think again!

Is it flashing or moving?

Stare at the black dot for ten seconds. Then, move your head forward, but not too fast!


Can you find the hidden tiger? It’s not the one you think it is.



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