Get away from the real world…

Go green!


Hey people people!

It is time to get up and go green!

This page is all green green green, and together by visiting this page we can make a difference and  our planet a great place!!!

On this page going green doesn’t necessarily mean that you are working to just help the planet. Going green means you are helping the planet by doing things like recycling, and picking up litter. What about the things on the planet? On this page you’ll learn how to help not only the planet itself but everything on it as well like people, animals, and community, because on A Random Little World, your going green even if you do something like standing up for someone who is being bullied.

Please go on this page often, and the more you do the better because here you can find out how to save our planet little by little, so that with your help A Random Little World can make a difference.

If you help out you can take this and put it on your blog or website. The code is below the picture.

Visual Poetry -

Here’s the code ( It’s html and I know it works on wordpress, but I am not sure about any other websites)

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target=”_blank”> <img src=”; alt=”Visual

Poetry –” /> </a>

Social Vibe

If you don’t already know socialvibe is a charity program that donates to many charities for almost any cause you can think of.

There are four ways you can help our planet when using socialvibe.

1. Put a socialvibe widget on your blog. By doing this, anyone who goes on your blog can help out.

2. Click on my socialvibe widget located in the sidebar on the “Home” page. There is more about my socialvibe below.

3. Use socialvibe when ever you see it. if you see a socialvibe widget on anyone’s blog, click it. You’ll help whatever cause their donating to.

4. Join socialvibe. Go on and help out by donating for your own cause, even if you don’t have a blog.

As you can see, there is a socialvibe widget on this blog. it is located on the sidebar on the “Home” page.

My socialvibe donates to educate people about tobacco use. This doesn’t seem like a very important cause, but it is. My dad used to smoke (I got him to stop) and I was really worried about him when he was smoking. My whole life, I knew that smoking was bad and I told my dad but then I finally realized how bad smoking or any type of tobacco use really was. In my health class, I learned so much about the consequences of tobacco use, and if you don’t know them, you should learn because if one person knows, they can tell another and that can save someone’s life. What really got me to realize what tobacco did to people was seeing it. I watched videos. In health, my teacher showed us these anti-smoking commercials, and they were horrible to watch. What really got to me was a video of a man and woman who told their story. The man had half of his face cut off from cancer, which he got from chewing tobacco, and the woman was a model who was encouraged to smoke by her manager. She know can’t talk, and has a hole cut in her throat to communicate.

I was going to put the commercials up here but they are very disturbing so if you want to see them just comment and let me know.

Ways to Help

There are many many many many ways to help, so  made a list!

1. Use blackle as your search engine/home page. Blackle is the same thing as google. It’s run by google, but it’s all black. It helps save watts of energy because it doesn’t generate any colors besides black. (This website is the opposite)


                2. Turn off lights/appliances when you’re not using them.                   

3. Ban bottled water. Bottled water is a waste of plastic so use reusable bottles instead.

4. Stand up for anyone who is being bullied, even yourself. Many people are bullied and people just stand there and watch. People who are bullied just take it and are afraid to do anything. Change that.

5. Change your light bulbs to a fluorescent ones. Just doing this would be like removing one million cars from the planet.

6.  Go vegetarian. You don’t have to stop eating meat completely but once in a while try to eat something else for lunch or dinner. To make a pound of beef, 2,500 gallons of water are needed. It also saves trees, since forests are cleared to make land for raising animals. Another obvious thing that you help out with, is that you save the lives of animals. (I was a vegetarian for 3 weeks, but then I was diagnosed with anemia and had to stop.)

  6. Change your laundry cycle to warm, or cold instead of hot, and only do the laundry when the washing machine is full. Heating up water requires the use of a lot of energy. Switching to a cooler temperature, saves energy, and if you have a full washer it will save water and energy.

7. Use both sides of a piece of paper. Use both sides of a piece of paper in your notebook, and when your printing something.


8. Take showers instead of baths, but don’t take too long showers either because that won’t save anything. An average bath uses two times as much water as an average shower. 

9. Plant a tree. By planting a tree you can do so much. It cleans the air we breathe, and it saves energy since it provides shade which lessens the amount of air-conditioning you use.

10. Don’t use plastic or paper cups, spoons, and other things like that. This saves paper and plastic. If you’re having a party you’re obviously not going to buy glass silverware for each guest. Label each paper or plastic cup/spoon/plate with a marker. How many times have you forgotten which drink was yours, and gotten a new one. When you mark yours with a marker you won’t have to waste it. Be creative, and you can even save your plate as a piece of art.

11. Go to a car wash instead of washing your car yourself. A car wash uses less water than a person would if they would wash their car themself. Your car will probably be cleaner too.

12. Before you throw something out, think about it. Maybe you’ll remember that someone you know needs that item, or that there’s a charity accepting donations.

13. Tell your parents to pay bills online. Easy explanation. It saves paper.

14. Use socialvibe. Everything about socialvibe is at the beginning of this page. It’s basically charity, online.

15. Go on this website and tell everyone you know. Share your knowledge of going green, because if you tell someone, they will do something to go green, and they will tell someone else, who will tell someone else. 


Share How You’ve Helped

Everytime you do something that you think is “going green”, comment what you did. Every month, I’ll have the top 5 people who have done something that I think is really helpful to our planet. Come on people GO GREEN!!!


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