Get away from the real world…

School’s Out!!!

Hey people people!

Summer vacation is here!

My school year ended yesterday so today is officially my first day of summer vacation!

Do you guys have school???

Let me know when you’re school ends so then we can have a School’s Out Party here on A Random Little World.

Comment telling me when your last day of school is so that we can settle a date for the party after everyone is out of school so that nobody is left out at school while we are all partying!

Before you go I really want to share some news on the progress of this blog!

The Keyboard Art Page and the Mind Games pages are currently under construction so you can see some of the stuff but in meantime more is being added.

Okay so while those are being worked on, I’ve been brainstorming on more ideas for pages and this is what I’ve come up with:

Funny Pictures= people hurting themselves, animals, other..

Funny Videos= talking animals, accidents, babies, other.

Pranks= prank videos, prank pictures, prank ideas, prank call ideas.

Advertise your blog= here anyone can give their blog url so that people can visit their blog/site.

Contact Us= If you have any bugs, or suggestions you can come to this page.Rules= official rules of the site, things not to do.

Job Application= form to apply to work on this blog.


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