Get away from the real world…

Good News and Bad News

Hey people people!

I normally go on this blog every day or every other day if I’m busy.

The blog doesn’t really change, so it looks like I don’t work on it at all, but that’s because I’m usually working on posts that aren’t on the website yet.

First I will tell you the bad news. I personally always like to hear the bad news first so then maybe, possibly, usually not, I can feel better by hearing the good news.

Okay, here it goes…. I am going to Florida for Spring Break so I won’t be able to go on the website for a week. Sorry 😦

To cheer you all up, because I know your all crying right now, I am giving you a sneak peek of the new page that should be up in a few days after I get back.


The new page is a go green page. It will have all kinds of ways to go green, in fun ways. Here’s a sneak peek:

Ways to Help

There are many many many many ways to help, so  made a list!

1. Use blackle as your search engine/home page. Blackle is the same thing as google. It’s run by google, but it’s all black. It helps save watts of energy because it doesn’t generate any colors besides black. (This website is the opposite)

2. Unplug appliances/turn things off when they are not being used. This saves energy.

That’s all you can see, but go on soon and you can see the complete page.

I am leaving to go to Florida on Thursday, and I have to wake up really early but if I can, I will try to make a last post before I leave to go to the airport.

I will also try to make a post while I am in Florida, but that depends on if I have enough time, but I will try my best.

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