Get away from the real world…

3 things

Hey people people.

I have 3 very important things to say. They might not be important to you but they are important to me so I am posting it anyways.

1.) The first thing is that we have a new staff member on A Random Little World! (Sort of)

Her name is Stevie! Stevie was going on this blog a lot and she wanted to become a staff member, but the problem was that she does not have a wordpress account.

Don’t worry, we had a solution. Stevie won’t be able to actually work on the blog herself, but she knows my email, and if she has any idea’s she will just email me and let me know so I can add it on the blog, unless it’s really stupid.

Another thing Stevie will be able to do is since she already goes on the blog often, if she sees a mistake she can email me right away about it. You guys can do that to by commenting but if I go on my email before I go on this blog, I will be informed faster.

So now all you have to do is WELCOME STEVIE TO THE BLOG!!!! Make her feel happy about her new job people!

Now we move on to the second thing.

2.)  Do you guys know how when you want to search something on google, or bing, or blackle? For example if your searching sprinkles, you type the letter “s”, and words like skype, staples, and sears pop up? I want to be in the suggestions when you tpe in the letter “r” or at least the word “random”.

So I am asking you all for a favor. The next time you go on a search engine like google, bink, or blackle, type before you seacrh anything. Then go back to what you are doing.

Thank you to anyone who helps us out!


3.)  The last thing is about posts on the blog. Most post appear on a blog in the order they are written from most recent to least recent.

I like that but since my first post is a welcome post, it will be different.

So just to let you know, when you go on the blog you’ll see the welcome post first, and then scroll down to see all the new posts.

I just wanted to let you know so that if someone goes on they think that the welcome post is the only thing on the home page.

So if it’s your first time on the website enjoy the welcome animations and then keep scrolling down to see the other posts, and if you’ve been here before just scroll right past them and enjoy the new posts.

One response

  1. ME

    I love this website! It’s really nice!

    Thanks for going on and thanks for the compliment.

    April 21, 2011 at 2:10 PM

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