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Okie, so my friend just told me a few jokes which I thought were hilarious.

But….everyone makes fun on me saying their not.

So I want to get your opinion, to prove if I’m really that stupid.

Here they go…

1.) What’s funny about 4 black people riding on a horse, that are about to fall off the edge of a cliff?

They were my friends. 😦

2.) What did one lawyer say to the other lawyer?

Hey! We’re both lawyers!

A pony walks into a bar and says “I’m so sad”. The waiter says ” Why such a long face”?

The horse looks at him and answers “My mother has cancer”.

Some of you may not get these, but the pint is that you think it’s going to be a joke about black people, or about lawyers, or the horse, but it ends up being something irrelevant.

What do you guys think?



Welcome to A Random Little World

I’m alive…again

Hey guys!!!

I’ve decided to make a commitment to blog every weekend, so that I can get back on track.

I know I already promised that…and failed, but school is really demanding as you all know.

So just stay tuned, and I promise this time, that you will be seeing more stuff on here soon.

Toodles!!! ❤

Sorry for the Delay

Hey everyone!

I know I haven’t been on here for such a long time but now that school is back (BUMMER) and there’s no distractions (homework?) we can get back on track!

So yeah, I know that this is a boring post but I just want to let you know that I’m still alive.




Hammer Time!

Hey people people!

I’m just posting to share a funny story.

The other day in my orchestra class me and my friend (Let’s call her Amy) were talking and my other friend (He’ll be Ted) kept jumping out and scaring us.

So Amy says “Ted don’t make me hurt you”, as a joke of course.

So Ted does it again.

We were standing next to my teacher’s desk and he had a hammer on his desk.

Amy picks up the hammer and says “Don’t make me use this”, also as a joke.

My teacher always picks on Amy, so he goes ” Amy, put the hammer down it’s not hammer time”.

So that’s basically it, you probably don’t think it’s funny but I do.

Oh and I told my dad and he told me that when I was little he took me to Home Depot because there was nobody home and he needed to buy something and I threw a tantrum in the store because he wouldn’t buy me a hammer.

School’s Out!!!

Hey people people!

Summer vacation is here!

My school year ended yesterday so today is officially my first day of summer vacation!

Do you guys have school???

Let me know when you’re school ends so then we can have a School’s Out Party here on A Random Little World.

Comment telling me when your last day of school is so that we can settle a date for the party after everyone is out of school so that nobody is left out at school while we are all partying!

Before you go I really want to share some news on the progress of this blog!

The Keyboard Art Page and the Mind Games pages are currently under construction so you can see some of the stuff but in meantime more is being added.

Okay so while those are being worked on, I’ve been brainstorming on more ideas for pages and this is what I’ve come up with:

Funny Pictures= people hurting themselves, animals, other..

Funny Videos= talking animals, accidents, babies, other.

Pranks= prank videos, prank pictures, prank ideas, prank call ideas.

Advertise your blog= here anyone can give their blog url so that people can visit their blog/site.

Contact Us= If you have any bugs, or suggestions you can come to this page.Rules= official rules of the site, things not to do.

Job Application= form to apply to work on this blog.

Bieber Look-Alike

Hey people people!

I don’t know if you watch America’s Got Talent but yesterday’s auditions were crazy!

I really liked the bird that sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” but the most shocking thing was the Justin Bieber look-alike!

So this 21 year old girl walks on stage and everyone started cheering and clapping. She looked like Justin Bieber!

At first I thought he was a guest singer or something but no!!!

She sang a remix of “Baby” which was also funny.

I have pics!

That’s really creepy!

I don’t know if you guys watched last year, but one of my friends was on it!

Do you guys remember Anna and Patryk?

Anna goes to religion with me and we are really close friends!